About me

Who is the person behind Braxare?! I am Mathys Brouwer and I grew up in Friesland. I am a young translator buzzing with energy and passion. I have set a goal for myself to become as good a translator as my father in-law, so I too may be a successful translator for 40 years.

After having finished grammar school at the Drachtster Lyceum in Friesland I went up to Groningen. During my studies there I have learned a great deal about the Middle-East, its languages and cultures. After successfully finishing my Bachelor Middle Eastern Studies (with Arabic as language), I wanted to focus more on language. During my studies at the University of Groningen I had had a few courses that dealt with translation after which I wanted more.

For the following two years I studied at the KU Leuven University in the city of Antwerp and it is there that I gained my Master's degree in translation. I have written my master's dissertation on non-professional translation in the city of Antwerp, as seen on notes on doors, shop windows and menus in restaurants etc. One of the funniest translations I encountered was the following - and this one is on the house - "on the sheet fried fish". Literally a fish baked on a sheet of paper, where it should have been translated as "on the skin fried fish'. This seems kind of fishy...

Apart from translating I have a few hobbies which I like a lot. Almost every Saturday you can find me on the corn mill in Woudsend in Friesland where I am a miller's trainee. In addition, I like to bake bread or biscuits (and the odd cake when there are festivities) using the wholemeal and plain flours from the corn mill. I also like reading, going to museums, going to antiquarian bookshops (on the hunt for good, old books on windmills), playing the drums or other percussion instruments, and, finally, I love to cook, do the gardening and take care of the plants. If you would like to read more about me then click on the button on the right to read my curriculum vitae.